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Another great week in college football. The ALA-LSU game was one of my favorites to watch, love the hard hitting, and the intensity. Of course it went to OT. Texas Tech rolled again, which is very impressive. The ACC is still really tough to figure out. The Big East is still a mess with Cincinnati making a splash. The spots after 15 or so are really tough to fill out right now, might as well flip a coin. Forgot a quick shoutout to Tennessee and Illinois...nice work your giving Flame more fuel for the Non-BCS argument. Without further ado...

Name: bigtenboy07

1. Texas Tech- LW 2- The Red Raiders finally have me convinced all the way. With the way this team is playing defense now they are the top team in the country. Their offense is incredible as usual, but their improved defense and running game finally have them contending in the big time. An off week (deserved) and then a trip to Norman.
2. Alabama- LW 1- The Tide made several mistakes against a fired up LSU squad. They came away with an impressive win in Death Valley. Their ability to throw the ball to beat you is something I find suspect. Their defense is still very good. Their showdown with Florida in the SEC CG will be for a spot in the NC Game.
3. Florida- LW 4- This team is on cruise control. Timmy Tebow is back to his usual beastmode self, and is dominating again. The defense led by Spikes is improving every week. The speed this team has…is just scary.
4. Texas- LW 5- Hookem Horns continues to go through the Big 12. They got the really tough ones out of the way and have to stay focused. Unless Texas Tech loses they cannot get to the Big 12 CCG, they will be very tough in a BCS game though.
5. University of Southern California- LW 5- Cal is one of the better teams on their schedule and they won the game. I am not sure how good this team really is. They haven’t really been tested by a really good opponent yet. Still have doubts about this team.
6. Oklahoma- LW 7- The Sooners can score with the best of them…and they will have to in order to hang with TTU in a couple of weeks. Sam Bradford throws it all over the field, and their talented group of WR makes moves after the catch. The defense continues to be a slight question mark in my mind.
7. Pennsylvania State University- LW 3- The game against Iowa turned out to be a trap. Please remember the name Shonn Greene because he is a monster. Penn State did not look great, but this team is still better than the rest. If they win against Indiana (duh) and Michigan State (likely) they will go to the Rose Bowl, not a bad season for old Joe Pa (The game was mismanaged though, in the wind as well).
8. Boise State- LW 9- This team is one that I have trouble figuring out. They look very good against their competition, but their competition hasn’t been much at all. A win against Oregon is really the only hallmark on the schedule. I guess we will see after they run the WAC and play in a BCS game.
9. Utah- LW 10- A nice win over TCU this week. Brian Johnson leads the team well, and will lead them to an undefeated season (still have BYU), doubtful for an at-large bid though.
10. Ohio State- LW 12- The Bucks offense looked better this week. If Pryor keeps improving this team will not only be dangerous down the stretch…but in the foreseeable future. The defense is solid as usual.
11. Oklahoma State- LW 8- Zac Robinson is still a very good QB, but they ran into a buzz saw. Their schedule has been very tough, but they can prove a lot by winning ‘BEDLAM’.
12. Missouri- LW 13- The offense appears to be back on track. Chase Daniel leads the offense, and the defense needs to continue to improve if they want a shot at winning the Big 12 Title game against one of those monsters from the South.
13. Georgia- LW 14- UGA wins a shootout in the SEC? It was good to see Matt Stafford get back on track. UGA can still get to the Capital One Bowl (disappointment), but might meet the also disappointed Buckeyes.
14. Brigham Young University- LW 16- The Cougars continue to climb back up the rankings in part due to Max Hall’s impressive performance at QB. How good are they really? We’ll find out…
15. Michigan State- LW 17- This team is not your uncle’s Michigan State. They are not going to fold like a lawnchair down the stretch. Dantonio has them playing well and Hoyer is playing just well enough to give Ringer room to run. An improved defense gives them a chance to beat Penn State in the final week.
16. Ball State- LW 19- Flame’s boys jump up the rankings in part because this is the first full game I have seen of theirs. Nate Davis is a very good QB who is NFL caliber. Winning the MAC will not get them in a BCS bowl, but small steps and the recognition from 08 could get them into a BCS game in 09 (if Davis stays).
17. North Carolina- LW 22- This team continues to win with Sexton (backup ) at QB. Their defense is tenacious. They are a team who is coached by Butch Davis and they just find a way to win. The ACC is wide open, but they are top of the class.
18. Pittsburgh- LW 23- Pitt handled Louisville easily. This team seems to finally have found their grove. Shady McCoy is one of the best RB’s in the country. We could see them in a BCS bowl…
19. Cincinnati- LW UR- The Bearcats beat WVU in OT this week. A very nice game for them. At 7-2 they still have Pitt but then SYR and @Hawaii (nice scheduling in Dec. by the way).
20. Florida State- LW UR- Bobby got a nice birthday gift an easy win (in the former Bowden Bowl). Ponder continues to improve as do the Noles. ACC champ?
21. Texas Christian University- LW 11- A tough loss to Utah this week on Thursday night. The Horned Frogs have a great defense, and could pose a problem to a BCS conference team in a bowl game.
22. Louisiana State University- LW 16- The Tigers played very well against the Tide. They matched up well, and played well on the lines. Their running game is very good, and could frankly beat the teams ranked behind them.
23. Tulsa- LW UR- Tulsa is recovering from their loss against Arkansas and are still a one loss team. Their schedule is weak, but their offense is still pretty impressive.
24. Oregon- LW UR- The Ducks have a solid offense, but have not beaten a good team all year.
25. Oregon State- LW UR- The Quiz is a beast at RB. He has been very good for them. This team still controls their own destiny in the Pac 10. Win out…and the title is theirs.

On the cusp: A ton of teams…Minnesota, Northwestern, BC, VT, South Carolina, and a couple more.

Dropped out: Georgia Tech (18), WVU (20), Cal (21), Minnesota (24), Maryland (25)
New Arrivals:  Cincinnati (19), Florida State (20), Tulsa (23), Oregon (24), Oregon State (25)

POW: Graham Harrell, QB, Texas Tech: Hate giving it to the same guy again but cannot deny 40/50 for 456 yards, and 6 TDs (no INTS!). Oklahoma State has a good defense too. What a great player, and your Heisman leader…

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The Best Damn Poll in the Land Week 6

What a week. The Buckeyes went on the road and beat a tough Wisky team...other than South Florida's loss the rest of the top was status quo. The bottom of the top 25 is very different, including several new arrivals.

Name: bigtenboy07

1. Oklahoma- LW 1 Boomer Sooner runs up and down the field at will. Bradford is a beast. We will learn a lot more in the Red River Shootout.
2. Alabama- LW 2 I am not really discouraged by the game against Kentucky. Every CFB knows that you can’t win them all pretty…and this was one of the ugly ones. If you don’t know about Glenn Coffee yet…wake up! They have tests remaining, and Saban will have them ready.
3. Missouri- LW 3 They stay in third spot after ringing up points like they are playing a video game. Chase Daniel is ridiculious, and Maclin is a monster. If their defense can keep people under 50…they win most games.
4. Louisiana State University- LW 4 LSU is a team that still surprises me. They have plenty of skill guys, and if Lee can get it to them in any type of efficient manner they will be tough. Their defense is beastly (have you seen that D-line?). Scott is an under the radar Heisman candidate as well.
5. Texas- LW 5 Horns! They can score very well with Colt McCoy (what a great name by the way). Their defense still needs to step up, and has a big test in Oklahoma.
6. Pennsylvania State University- LW 6 Penn State finally looked unimpressive. A road win at Purdue isn’t too bad. They just didn’t look great, but they will be ready to go play Wisconsin in Madison… (what a tough stretch for the Badgers especially without a QB)…
7. Texas Tech- LW 7 The video game offense continues. Harrell gets 7 TDs this week…what a joke. Crabtree is almost unguardable. Their defense needs to prove itself against a couple of worthy foes…but they are contenders.
8. Southern California- LW 8 They blew out the Ducks in the Collesium. Just because they lost a game people are really underrating them. They are still good folks…really good.
9. Brigham Young University- LW 13 This team almost has me convinced… I guess they can’t do anything but beat up who they play. Their offense with Hall is crazy.
10. Ohio State- LW 10 The Bucks get a hard fought win on the road against a pretty good Wisconsin team. It is tough to play there in Camp Randall. Pryor and Wells continue to grow, and hopefully the offense keeps getting better.
11. Florida- LW 11 A blowout for the Gators. They take care of a pretty bad Arkansas team. Harvin is a beast, and almost impossible to guard. Watch out SEC if this offense gets back on track they can still be dangerous (this means you Vandy!).
12. Georgia- LW 12 This was a much needed off week. They got trounced last week and need to recover. Stafford and Knowshon still make them a great offense (the O-line needs to step up a bit..) Their defense needs to recover and shut people down.
13. Kansas- LW 16 Rock Chalk moves back up. They fell behind early…but woke up to hold onto the win. I still really like Todd Reesing at QB and think he is an absolute winner.
14. Utah- LW 17 Hello Bowl eligibility! Well that was impressive…their win this week was ok against Oregon State, a nice comeback for sure. Still a few hurdles left before BCS time…
15. South Florida- LW 9 It is tough to lose a home game…but it apparently happens when you don’t play on Saturday. Grothe is a good QB who will make plays for them. Still a solid team down there, especially against the rest of the Big East.
16. Vanderbilt- LW 22 No folks…this is not a misprint. This team found a way to win the game at home, a very impressive performance. No longer are the ‘Dores the pushovers in the SEC East…Tennessee now that is your job.
17. Virginia Tech- LW 18 I wasn’t really impressed this week, but this team seems to be getting better. The defense has to continue to improve and Taylor will make plays at QB.
18. Michigan State- LW 19 Michigan State threw the ball a little bit this week. They didn’t look great against a subpar Indiana team, but with Ringer running the ball they will be very tough. Don’t forget about the talent WR they have…Mark Dell (if only they could throw him the ball).
19.  Oklahoma State- LW 21 The Pokes can score it a bit now folks. Robinson is a talented QB and runs the offense well. Sure they beat a bad Texas A&M team…but they still put up 56.
20. Boise State- LW 25 They still roll em up on the Blue Turf. This is a tem who went into Autzen stadium and got the win, pretty impressive. Ian Johnson and co including Moore keep the offense rolling.
21. Wake Forest- LW 23 The Demons got the week off but have to get ready for Clemson. That is a big game…no worries for the Decs then…
22. North Carolina- LW UR The Tar Heels make their appearance. This team finds a way to win, and beat up on a pretty good UCONN team.
23. Tulsa- LW UR Tulsa scores a bundle…and their schedule appears pretty easy from here on out.
24. Northwestern- LW UR Yup…THAT Northwestern. Sure they are smart…but they can play some football too. Could be a spoiler, watch out for Tyrell Sutton a very good RB (from Ohio I might add…).
25. Boston College- LW UR BC is a pretty good football team. They have QB whose name is Crane who had a great week. Those type of performances continue and this team could challenge for the ACC.

On the Cusp: Wisconsin, Illinois, Auburn, Fresno State, Ball State, TCU, Florida State.

Dropped out: Auburn (14), Wisconsin (15), UCONN (20), Fresno State (24)

POW: Graham Harrell QB, Texas Tech: I don’t care that he threw the ball 51. It is impressive he completed 38 for 454 yards and 6 TDs. For good measure he ran one in too. I don’t care who they are playing, those numbers are sick. Juice Williams comes in a close second with 431 total yards against an ok Michigan D.

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The Best Damn Poll in the Land Week 4

Another interesting week, with some great performances, and a couple of upsets. My top 25 was shaken this week with 4 teams dropping out of the rankings after unimpressive performances. Here it goes fellas:

Name: bigtenboy07

1. Southern California- How many bye weeks does this team have? This team has been impressive thus far…although they have only played 2 games.

2. Oklahoma- Sam Bradford is a very good QB who has a great efficiency rating. The defense is very good, and Oklahoma seems to like to hang half a hundred on people. They have a long road to go in the Big 12.

3. Georgia- UGA went on the road and beat an ok Arizona State team. I am impressed when a team goes on the road, and takes care of the opponent. Knowshon is a beast, and the defense is physical. Knowshon just does crazy stuff…the dive into the endzone was just crazy. Watch out SEC.

4. Florida- The Gators went in and just destroyed the Vols. Tebow is doing what his team needs him to do to win, but isn’t putting up the gawdy stats. Percy Harvin and the rest of the weapons are enough to put fear in any defense.

5. Louisiana State University- LSU went on the road in a very tough place to play, and beat a good Auburn team. The offense is good with Charles Scott, but the QB spot is still in a little bit of question. If the QB manages the game, and doesn’t throw those pick 6’s the LSU team could be very very tough.

6. Missouri- Missouri drops one this week after beating Buffalo by 21. It wasn’t as much what the Tigers did, but what the other Tigers did (LSU that is). Chase Daniel has led that offense…and with Jeremy Maclin they will be really tough to even slow down.

7. Texas- The Longhorns took care of a pretty good Rice team. Rice can score, but Muscamp (one of the best DCs in the country) held them to just 10 points. Colt McCoy is really stepping up this year.

8. Wisconsin- The Badgers got the week off after an impressive win against Fresno State on the road. The Badgers will have to bring it in Big 10 play if they want to get a shot at that coveted BCS spot (which they have missed out on the last couple of years, because no conference can provide 3 teams).

9. Alabama- The Tide rolls on, this time on Bobby Petrino. They did that one for all loyal fans across the country. Julio Jones is an absolute monster, and Bama ran it all over Arkansas this week.

10. Penn State- Hello Nittany Lions. Joe Pa is leading this squad against inferior competition thus far, but they are just taking them to the woodshed. The running game is good with Royster and co., and the passing game is improving with Clark at the helm, and Butler on the outside. The defense is still untested.

11. Texas Tech- The Red Raiders appear to have a bit of a defense with that outrageous video game offense. I would say put two guys on Michael Crabtree…but I am not sure it would make a difference.

12. Ohio State- Many will have them ranked lower than this, but this team may be energized with Pryor running the show. Boeckman got just one snap this week. Pryor appears to be the new QB, and he did well today throwing 4 TD passes. He needs to work on when to put touch on the ball, and when to throw that laser. His mobility makes the Bucks offense at least able to move the ball. They enter Big 10 play next week with Minnesota…what a test…

13. South Florida- The Bulls are a team that I have trouble figuring out. Matt Grothe is a good QB, and they have a fairly solid D, but sometimes they look less than impressive. They get the benefit of the doubt with their nice win against Kansas, but will they be tested in the BE? Who knows?

14. Auburn- The Tigers had a tough game against LSU, and came up on the short end of the stick. LSU got a late TD to go up. Auburn has a very good defense which will keep them in games, if the offense ever comes along they will be really tough to beat.

15. Brigham Young University- BYU continues to put up points seemingly at will. Sure Wyoming isn’t a very good team, but blanking them 44-0 ain’t bad. Max Hall can throw it around, and they may run the table and be looking to be a spoiler in a BCS game.

16. Wake Forest- This team will not ‘wow’ anyone with flashy games, but they just win games. Skinner can throw it through a pinhole by the way. This team has a shot get through the ACC nearly unscathed.

17. Kansas- A lot of people don’t quite believe in this team yet, but I am not one of them. Reesing is one of those QBs I really like watching. He seems to move around the pocket all the time, and almost always find an open receiver. This kid will lead the JayHawks to many more wins this year.

18. Utah- They did not look great against Air Force, but came away with the win. Johnson runs their spread offense very well, and makes them difficult to stop. I am not sure this team has a great win yet (Michigan is not a great win this year).

19. Illinois- The Illini got the week off after an unimpressive win last week. Juice and the boys will have a tough task next week going to Penn State at night. That place gets crazy, and Penn State is a good football team. This game will show us a bit more about the Illini (was last week a fluke?).

20. Clemson- The Tigers still impress with their potentially great rushing attack. They need to improve winning those games they are supposed to win (they always seem to lose a couple of those). The team is talented, but they need to stay focused to have a chance to win the ACC.

21. Virginia Tech- VA Tech beat a pretty good North Carolina team, which seemingly has a lot of weapons. Tyrod Taylor can be a good QB, and the VA Tech defense needs to step up and get their lunch pail in order for VA Tech to compete in the ACC.

22. Michigan State- Javon Ringer is an absolute beast. The guy can just run the football. Dell is a very good WR, and they need their QB to pick it up a bit if they want defenses to respect the pass. They will need to throw the ball (preferably off play action for them) in order to keep lanes open and 9 out of the box against Ringer.

23. Connecticut- They finally make it from ‘on the cusp’ into the poll. Not a lot of folks know about this team, but Brown can run the football. They didn’t play great against Baylor (who has a beast at QB by the way). They just find a way to win games, that is something that I respect. They also have that soft BE schedule…look out.

24. Vanderbilt- Wait…this is not a joke. Yes that Vandy that is 4-0. Vandy has a tough test with Auburn next week, when will find out if this team is for real.

25. Oklahoma State- Another team goes from ‘on the cusp’ into the rankings. Oklahoma State had the bye this week, and were successful. Robinson is a very good QB who can lead the offense to scores. The defense will have to step up. The schedule doesn’t get easier…with games AT Missouri, Texas, and Texas Tech.

On the cusp: East Carolina, Oregon, Miami (FL), North Carolina

Dropped Out: Oregon (17), ECU (15), WVU (23), Fresno State (25)

POW: Colt McCoy, Texas- Colt had yet another great week. He went 19/23 with 329 yards passing and 4 TDs. He also rushed 8 times for 83 yards, and a TD. A nice game for Colt who is quietly (in the QB packed Big 12) having a very good year.

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