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Wow what a weekend, a lot of shakeup this week as teams get into conference play and get their second loss of the season. Texas looks as dominating as ever, and the top 3 just got by. A couple of big matchups this week with Penn State visiting Ohio State and Texas hosting Oklahoma State. I had a tough time filling out the middle-bottom of the ballot. Really think after 13 or so the poll is wide open.

Here is the ballot folks...

Name: bigtenboy07

1. Texas- LW 1- The Horns dominated the Missouri Tigers at home and the offense looked outstanding. McCoy threw the ball 32 times…and it was incomplete 3 times. Crazy. The schedule for Texas is still very tough
2. Alabama- LW 2- Bama won the game against a scrappy Ole Miss team. However the biggest news for Tide fans will be the result of the injury of Terrance Cody. How hurt is the big fella? If he is out for any period of time that would really hurt the Tide as they have won most of the time because of outstanding line play (O and D).
3. Pennsylvania State University- LW 3- They appeared asleep for a while against Michigan. Perhaps they were looking towards Ohio State. 39 unanswered points left little doubt that Penn State is a very good football team. Big showdown in C-Bus where Joe Pa has not won since they entered the Big Ten.
4. Oklahoma- LW 4- Oklahoma offense looks very good again against a solid Kansas team. The defense still has me a bit worried. Sam Bradford is an outstanding QB, but they need a couple of Texas L’s to get to the Big 12 CG.
5. University of Southern California- LW 5- USC went on the road and beat the worst BCS team in the country. Sure the game wasn’t close…but no other team is close to as bad as WSU. Good game to inflate stats though…
6. Florida- LW 6- The Gators took care of the bye… The impressive win over LSU will leave a good taste in their mouth. A large matchup with UGA remains.
7. Texas Tech- LW 7- Still not in love with this team as they continue to look unimpressive. T&AM is not good, but it is a rivalry game so we can make an exception. They have a gauntlet of a schedule to prove themselves contender or pretender.
8. Oklahoma State- LW 9- The Pokes could have had a big letdown, but handled a talented Baylor team (watch out for Griffith). Zac Robinson is a very good QB, and Dez Bryant continues to make plays. They also have a great running game.
9. Georgia- LW 10- UGA climbs up a spot after a nice win against Vandy. Knowshon Moreno got some yards this week (172!). Finally they realized that if they gave him the ball enough…he would dominate. Novel idea…
10. Ohio State- LW 12- The Bucks showed up on the road and put up a 45 spot. The running offense was impressive, but they only passed the ball 11 times. The defense held Ringer to just 67 yards. A HUGE matchup for the Big Ten title looms in Columbus with the Nittany Lions.
11. Louisiana State University- LW 13- The Tigers fought off a tough South Carolina team on the road. They still need to figure out that QB spot…a tough date with Bama remains on their schedule.
12. Utah- LW 14 Utah beats down another inferior opponent. They continue to climb as others falter. They have a large matchup with BYU and one with TCU to see if they are worthy.
13. Boise State- LW 19- A shakeup in the middle of the poll and another impressive win over an improving Hawaii team jumps the Broncos up to 13. They still have to win the WAC and will most likely get an invite to a BCS bowl.
14. Pittsburgh- LW UR- LeSean McCoy is a great RB, and the team seems to be gelling under the stache. This team can still get to a BCS game…by winning the Big East.
15.South Florida- LW 15- South Florida wins again, and is probably still the favorite for the Big East, but their loss to Pitt puts them in a tough spot.
16. Texas Christian University- LW UR- This team jumps up the rankings after destroying a BYU team. The Horned Frogs have an outstanding defense, and their big win over BYU is impressive, and their only blemish is against Oklahoma.
17. Minnesota- LW 23- Minnesota is a team that is vastly improved. They are bowl eligible after a 1 win season. Weber is a very good QB you probably don’t know and Decker is a beast at WR. Their defense has an impressive front as well.
18. Georgia Tech- LW UR- The Ramblin Wreck is a team that can run the ball with their option look. They never seem to blow anyone out but they are very talented. Paul Johnson is a good coach.
18. Boston College- LW UR- BC gets an impressive win against VT. Who wants to win the ACC? Anyone? Bueller?
20. Tulsa- LW 23- Tulsa scored 77 points and put up 791 yards of offense. That is insane. This team probably will not get a BCS berth at this point, but they are a very solid team.
21. Northwestern- UR- This is a team that can do a little damage. Bacher needs to limit the number of picks if this team wants to upset a some people. This team is 6-1 folks. Their win AT Iowa is looking a little more impressive but their remaining schedule is tough (Minnesota, Ohio State, Michigan, Illinois). 
 22. Florida State- LW UR- The defense can be good, although they looked bad against NC State. If Ponder grows into the role of a good QB for them they can be pretty solid, especially in the ACC.
23. Missouri- The Tigers can still score it well, and Chase Daniel is still an impressive QB. Their running game is bad, and their defense is bad. This is a team that will probably lose at least 1 more game this year.
24. Ball State- LW 25- Ball State continues to roll…but what is the marquee win?
25. Cincinnati- LW UR- The Bearcats can play a little bit. Their lone loss at the hands of the Sooners.

On the cusp: BYU, Kansas, Virginia Tech, Oregon

Dropped out: BYU (8), Kansas (16), Michigan State (17), Virginia Tech (18), North Carolina (20), Wake Forest (21), Vanderbilt (24)

POW: Colt McCoy, Texas QB: I hate to put a big name guy up there and I have picked him as POW several times. But going 29/32 for 337 yards and 4 total TDs has to be on here. This guy is also a great leader. Hello Heisman…maybe.

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