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The Best Damn Poll in the Land Week 6

What a week. The Buckeyes went on the road and beat a tough Wisky team...other than South Florida's loss the rest of the top was status quo. The bottom of the top 25 is very different, including several new arrivals.

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1. Oklahoma- LW 1 Boomer Sooner runs up and down the field at will. Bradford is a beast. We will learn a lot more in the Red River Shootout.
2. Alabama- LW 2 I am not really discouraged by the game against Kentucky. Every CFB knows that you can’t win them all pretty…and this was one of the ugly ones. If you don’t know about Glenn Coffee yet…wake up! They have tests remaining, and Saban will have them ready.
3. Missouri- LW 3 They stay in third spot after ringing up points like they are playing a video game. Chase Daniel is ridiculious, and Maclin is a monster. If their defense can keep people under 50…they win most games.
4. Louisiana State University- LW 4 LSU is a team that still surprises me. They have plenty of skill guys, and if Lee can get it to them in any type of efficient manner they will be tough. Their defense is beastly (have you seen that D-line?). Scott is an under the radar Heisman candidate as well.
5. Texas- LW 5 Horns! They can score very well with Colt McCoy (what a great name by the way). Their defense still needs to step up, and has a big test in Oklahoma.
6. Pennsylvania State University- LW 6 Penn State finally looked unimpressive. A road win at Purdue isn’t too bad. They just didn’t look great, but they will be ready to go play Wisconsin in Madison… (what a tough stretch for the Badgers especially without a QB)…
7. Texas Tech- LW 7 The video game offense continues. Harrell gets 7 TDs this week…what a joke. Crabtree is almost unguardable. Their defense needs to prove itself against a couple of worthy foes…but they are contenders.
8. Southern California- LW 8 They blew out the Ducks in the Collesium. Just because they lost a game people are really underrating them. They are still good folks…really good.
9. Brigham Young University- LW 13 This team almost has me convinced… I guess they can’t do anything but beat up who they play. Their offense with Hall is crazy.
10. Ohio State- LW 10 The Bucks get a hard fought win on the road against a pretty good Wisconsin team. It is tough to play there in Camp Randall. Pryor and Wells continue to grow, and hopefully the offense keeps getting better.
11. Florida- LW 11 A blowout for the Gators. They take care of a pretty bad Arkansas team. Harvin is a beast, and almost impossible to guard. Watch out SEC if this offense gets back on track they can still be dangerous (this means you Vandy!).
12. Georgia- LW 12 This was a much needed off week. They got trounced last week and need to recover. Stafford and Knowshon still make them a great offense (the O-line needs to step up a bit..) Their defense needs to recover and shut people down.
13. Kansas- LW 16 Rock Chalk moves back up. They fell behind early…but woke up to hold onto the win. I still really like Todd Reesing at QB and think he is an absolute winner.
14. Utah- LW 17 Hello Bowl eligibility! Well that was impressive…their win this week was ok against Oregon State, a nice comeback for sure. Still a few hurdles left before BCS time…
15. South Florida- LW 9 It is tough to lose a home game…but it apparently happens when you don’t play on Saturday. Grothe is a good QB who will make plays for them. Still a solid team down there, especially against the rest of the Big East.
16. Vanderbilt- LW 22 No folks…this is not a misprint. This team found a way to win the game at home, a very impressive performance. No longer are the ‘Dores the pushovers in the SEC East…Tennessee now that is your job.
17. Virginia Tech- LW 18 I wasn’t really impressed this week, but this team seems to be getting better. The defense has to continue to improve and Taylor will make plays at QB.
18. Michigan State- LW 19 Michigan State threw the ball a little bit this week. They didn’t look great against a subpar Indiana team, but with Ringer running the ball they will be very tough. Don’t forget about the talent WR they have…Mark Dell (if only they could throw him the ball).
19.  Oklahoma State- LW 21 The Pokes can score it a bit now folks. Robinson is a talented QB and runs the offense well. Sure they beat a bad Texas A&M team…but they still put up 56.
20. Boise State- LW 25 They still roll em up on the Blue Turf. This is a tem who went into Autzen stadium and got the win, pretty impressive. Ian Johnson and co including Moore keep the offense rolling.
21. Wake Forest- LW 23 The Demons got the week off but have to get ready for Clemson. That is a big game…no worries for the Decs then…
22. North Carolina- LW UR The Tar Heels make their appearance. This team finds a way to win, and beat up on a pretty good UCONN team.
23. Tulsa- LW UR Tulsa scores a bundle…and their schedule appears pretty easy from here on out.
24. Northwestern- LW UR Yup…THAT Northwestern. Sure they are smart…but they can play some football too. Could be a spoiler, watch out for Tyrell Sutton a very good RB (from Ohio I might add…).
25. Boston College- LW UR BC is a pretty good football team. They have QB whose name is Crane who had a great week. Those type of performances continue and this team could challenge for the ACC.

On the Cusp: Wisconsin, Illinois, Auburn, Fresno State, Ball State, TCU, Florida State.

Dropped out: Auburn (14), Wisconsin (15), UCONN (20), Fresno State (24)

POW: Graham Harrell QB, Texas Tech: I don’t care that he threw the ball 51. It is impressive he completed 38 for 454 yards and 6 TDs. For good measure he ran one in too. I don’t care who they are playing, those numbers are sick. Juice Williams comes in a close second with 431 total yards against an ok Michigan D.

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