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TBDPITL Ballot Post-Bowl Games

The Bowl season was nuts, and some of the games were really good. Some shockers, and some teams really rose, while others fell. Without further adeu....

Name: bigtenboy07

1. Florida- LW 1- The Gators held off a very game Oklahoma team. The Florida defense is downright nasty. The scariest part? They don’t have a single senior on the two deep defensive roster (although Spikes is definitely gone imo). Congrats to the National Champs.
2. University of Southern California- LW 5- The Trojans are extremely talented, and rolled Penn State. Their defense is superior, and Sanchez appears to be a little better than I initially suspected. Damien Williams is the real key to their offense.
3. Utah- LW 7- Utah played very well against a very good Alabama team. Their lines did more than hold up, but controlled the game. Brian Johnson is a very good QB, and this team was a little underrated throughout the year.
4. Texas- LW 3- Colt McCoy is very good. The defense played better than expected against Ohio State. They don’t have a great run game, but Colt can complete the short passes to substitute. The Horns would have loved a shot in the NC game.
5. Oklahoma- LW 2- Obviously the best two loss team in the country. Their offense is really good and the defense played much better than expected. The DL is what really helped their defense in the NC game. A nice showing for Stoops and the Sooners.
6. Alabama- LW 4- The loss has a sting, but their turnaround and future is very impressive. Alabama didn’t play well up front, and JPW paid the price. Their running game wasn’t like it was all year. This team however is still very dangerous.
7. Pennsylvania State University- LW 6 Joe Pa and co went out to the west coast and got handled by the Trojans. They have a couple of good wins, and although they didn’t play great against So Cal they are a very solid team.
8. Ohio State- LW 10- Even with a loss the Bucks are able to move up. Their defense proved to be pretty impressive, mostly because of an aggressive blitz scheme. The offense was not explosive, but Pryor shows a lot of promise. Laurinaitis, Jenkins, Wells, and many others did great things at Ohio State.
9. Texas Christian University- LW 14- The Horned Frogs beat a very game Boise State team. The Poinsettia bowl was very good. TCU played very well with their losses being to Utah and Oklahoma. Their defense is electric for sure.
10. Oregon- LW 12- The Ducks played very well offensively and even played some defense. The Holiday is a good bowl, and the victory was very good for the Pac 10 and the Ducks. Their run offense is ridiculously good.
11. Ole Miss- LW 23- Sure they have a couple of losses, but right now they are playing as well as just about everyone. They handled Texas Tech, and they play very well on the lines which keeps them in every game they play. Their win over Florida was impressive. Houston Nutt did a great job this year, and they will be competing in the SEC for a while under Nutt.
12. Boise State- LW 9- The Broncos went through the regular season undefeated, but lost to TCU. They are a good team, but their freshman QB showed up a bit in the bowl game against a really good TCU defense. They could compete with the teams ranked around them though (although I think the Fiesta made the right choice in picking Ohio State).
13. Virginia Tech- LW 16- The Hokies played a pretty good Cincinnati team and shut down their offense after the first drive. Their offense is still not their strong point, but this is a solid team. They notched the first win in a bowl game for the ACC since 1999! (When FSU beat VT).
14. Georgia- LW 20- The Dawgs finally put some of that talent together on the field. Their defense is aggressive and fast, and their offense can be really good with Moreno and Stafford. The future for Georgia is a little shaky losing Moreno and Stafford (however they have Cox and King in the wings). A nice win over Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl.
15. Texas Tech- LW 8- The Red Raiders have a prolific pass offense, and their defense was their Achilles heal all year. They lost to a very good Ole Miss team who is playing very well right now. Harrell will leave with a lot of records, but not with a victory in the Cotton Bowl.
16. Cincinnati- LW 11- The Bearcats had struggles throughout the year, most of them had to deal with finding a QB. Their defense is pretty good, but their offense struggled against VT. A really great season for Brian Kelly and the Bearcats with 11 wins, and a Big East title.
17. Oklahoma State- LW 15- The Pokes couldn’t stoop the Oregon offense, but few could. Zac Robinson and Dez Bryant are a great combo and Kendall Hunter is a really underrated running back. This team surprised a lot of people, and their coach Mike Gundy is really good (and he’s a man!).
18. Missouri- LW 22- The Tigers had a lot of trouble with Northwestern, who took them to overtime. Chase Daniel did not play very well, but Maclin is outstanding. Not the season Daniel was looking for, will he get drafted?
19. Iowa- LW 24- The Hawkeyes looked pretty good in dominating South Carolina. Shonn Greene is a great RB and he wills his team on offense. He got 100 yards in every game this season (the only RB to do so). Stanzi was serviceable at QB, and this was good for the Big Ten’s only bowl win.
20. Florida State- LW UR- The Seminoles are a really talented team, and their defense is fast and opportunistic. The real reason the Seminoles are ranked here is the improvement of Ponder throughout the year, and the big WR’s who can dominate DBs.
21. West Virginia- LW UR- Pat White went out in style, and won another bowl game. Their offense is good with White, even throwing the ball a little, and Devine. Their defense has improved and they had an impressive win over UNC.
22. Georgia Tech- LW 13- GT got embarrassed by LSU, but that doesn’t diminish their season. 9 wins for Paul Johnson is really good, and this offense should get more dynamic since he can recruit more athletes and mix the pass in more often with the option.
23. California- LW UR- Cal is a solid football team and Jhavid Best is a really good RB. Their QB situation with Longshore/Riley is tough to figure, but good enough. The defense plays pretty well, and they had a pretty good win against Miami in the Nut Bowl.
24. Michigan State- LW 17- This team outdid what many expected them. They finished with 9 wins, a great improvement over their 6 last year. Now they just have to play better against the best teams (that is how you have to build a program, and Dantonio is doing a great job).
25. Oregon State- LW UR- The Beavers won one of the most scintillating Bowl games in the entire bowl season (ok not!). Their offense is solid, and their defense slowed down Pitt to a near crawl.

Dropped: Ball State (18), BYU (19), Pittsburgh (21), Northwestern (24)

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TBDPITL Week 15 (Final)

Well after an interesting weekend the regular season has concluded. Some of the bowl matchups are lackluster, but some seem to be great. All the extra awards are at the end of the poll. Thanks for the support throughout the year, and keep the Best Damn Poll in the Land going strong into next year and years after.

Name: bigtenboy07

1. Florida- LW 3- The Fighting Reptiles played a very good Alabama team, and came out on top in large part due to Tim Tebow. Even without Harvin the offense is loaded with weapons and their defense will surely be tested against a potent Oklahoma offense.
2. Oklahoma- LW 2- The Sooners continue to put up a ridiculous number of points. Sam Bradford is very good, and their defense played well on Saturday night holding a solid Missouri offense to just 21 points. Maybe they didn’t need the last TD to get over 60…
3. Texas- LW 4- The Longhorns will have a reason to dispute the results of the BCS NC Game if they handle the Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl. Colt McCoy will lead a solid offense, and Brian Orakpo (Defensive player of the year) will lead an underrated defense against the Buckeyes.
4. Alabama- LW 1- The Tide put up a good fight against the Gators. Their defense is really good, and should be able to slow down the spread attack of Utah. They should be able to handle Utah on both lines as well, and win the Sugar Bowl.
5. University of Southern California- LW 5- The Trojans have the best defense in the country, and their offense has the potential to be really good. They will get their shot against a Penn State team that they better not overlook.
6. Pennsylvania State University- LW 6- The Lions have been done with their season for a while, and are now gearing up for the Granddaddy of them all. Their defense is really good and Darryl Clark leads a better than expected offense.
7. Utah- LW 7- The Utes finished their undefeated season what seems like a month ago… They have a spread offense but will have trouble with Alabama’s impressive lines, and will have the role of David in the Sugar Bowl.
8. Texas Tech- LW 8- The Red Raiders have an impressive offense, and are matched up with the Rebels in the Cotton Bowl.
9. Boise State- LW 9- The Broncos were left out of the BCS equation this year, but get a good matchup with the Horned Frogs of TCU. The defense of TCU will cause a major problem for the Bronco offense. Congrats on their 3rd undefeated season in 5 years.
10. Ohio State- LW 10- The Bucks got picked to play against a very solid Texas team in the Fiesta Bowl. The Buckeyes have made themselves at home in Arizona and have won 3 Fiesta bowls since 2002. Can they matchup with the Longhorns, or did the BCS make a mistake?
11. Cincinnati- LW 11- The Bearcats had a bit of a scare against the mighty Hawaii Warriors. Could it be because of a lack of focus, celebrating their BCS bid, the long travel, or are the Bearcats just not that good? Brian Kelly is the real deal, and if he stays in Cincy they will make real waves in the Big East for years to come.
12. Oregon- LW 12- The Ducks can score it with the best of them, and they will get their chance in the always explosive Holiday bowl. Although they have a rotating QB situation (and have throughout the season) they can rush the ball as good as any team in the country.
13. Georgia Tech- LW 14- The option attack can work in a BCS conference and Paul Johnson is one of the better coaches in the country. They may end up passing the ball more often when they get better recruits in to make the option even more potent.
14. Texas Christian LW 15- The Horned Frogs finish their season 10-2 and have a matchup with undefeated Boise State. Their defense is aggressive and is one of the better ones in the country.
15. Oklahoma State- LW 16- Although the Pokes had a big loss to Oklahoma they are still a top 15 team in the country. Their offense is explosive, and their defense is probably better than most think.
16. Virginia Tech- LW UR- The Hokes have a good defense and just enough improve from Tyrod Taylor to win them another ACC championship. They get rewarded with an Orange Bowl berth and a possibly the ACC’s 2nd BCS win.
17. Michigan State- LW 17- The Fighting Dantonio’s get a talented UGA team who might be healthier during the bowl game then they were for most of the season. The MSU defense will be tested against the big play ability of Stafford, Greene, Moreno, and Massaqoui.
18. Ball State- LW 12- The Cardinals slipped up against Buffalo. They imploded with turnovers. The Cardinals finish the season with 12 wins, and they get a date against an explosive Tulsa team in a bowl game (much better than San Jose St).
19. Brigham Young University- LW 18- BYU is led by Max Hall and they got a terrible bowl bid and opponent. Their loss against TCU turned a lot of people off to this team.
20. Georgia- LW 20- The Dawgs are a very talented team, and have a chance to win the Capital One Bowl against a game Michigan State team. They are more talented than MSU, but that doesn’t always result in a victory.
21. Pittsburgh- LW 25- Shady McCoy is one of the better RB’s in the country. If he does in fact stay and their QB play improves the Fighting stache and company could make a run at a BCS game.
22. Missouri- LW 21- Missouri got handled by the Sooners, but their offense is good enough to beat most of the teams ranked below them.
23. Ole Miss- The Rebels have improved this year under Houston Nutt, and with Jevon Snead playing great at the QB position they have a shot at competing with Alabama in the SEC west in the near future.
24. Northwestern- LW 22- Northwestern won 9 games this year, and had a great year under Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is so excited about the game, that sometimes you think he is going to put pads on and go play LB himself…
25. Iowa- LW 24- Shonn Greene leads the offense, and they have a serviceable QB. Their defense has improved, and they have a shot in the Outback Bowl.

Dropped out: None
On the cusp: WVU, Cal, UNC, and several others

Coach of the year: Paul Johnson, GT. In his first year he implemented his own style of offense, and used the players already there to make them a very good team and beat their rival Georgia to end with 9 wins. This guy can flat out coach. Nick Saban just missed out on the award.

Player of the Week: Tim Tebow, QB, Florida- Tim Tebow put the Gators on his back and did it all for the Gators against the tough defense of the Tide. Was it enough to put him at the head of the Heisman list?

1. Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
2. Tim Tebow, QB, Florida
3. Colt McCoy, QB, Texas
4. Graham Harrell, QB, TTU

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Another really interesting weekend, I cannot hardly wait until the championship games. Florida vs. Alabama. Oklahoma vs. Missouri, and then that ACC game too...

Name: bigtenboy07

1. Alabama- LW 1- The Tide did not look past their arch rivals, they put it to the Tigers. Now they have to focus on one of the scariest teams in the country in the National Championship Tournament Semi-Final Game (aka SEC CG).
2. Oklahoma- LW 2- Another impressive win in Stillwater. Their defense shows signs at times. If their defense plays well for longer stretches then they could certainly give any team in the country a problem. We know they are going to score (they have scored 60+ in 4 straight games).
3. Florida- LW 3- The Gators romped arch rival Florida State at Doak. Them being ranked here doesn’t matter because if they win the SEC CG they are in the BCS NC game. No doubt about it, and Timmy looks like he is making another run at the Heisman.
4. Texas- LW 4- The Horns will need help from voters and the computers. Can they stay ahead of Oklahoma in the BCS rankings? That is the tie-breaker in the Big 12 South. I have a feeling that the team from the South will wax Missouri.
5. University of Southern California- LW 5- The Trojans beat the hapless Irish rather easily. A date with UCLA is all that stands between them and the Rose Bowl. The National Title game looks unlikely at this point.
6. Pennsylvania State University- LW 6- The Lions are in the clubhouse and have a chance to prove themselves in the Rose Bowl. Outside of the Iowa game (who ended up with 8 wins) this team has been very impressive, easily dispatching of the other teams on their schedule.
7. Utah- LW 7- The Utes are done with their season and are waiting for their destination for their BCS bowl. Will the Utes be able to prove that they are one of the top teams in the country and the MWC has arrived as being on the same level as the BCS conferences (from top to bottom?)?
8. Texas Tech- LW 8- The Red Raiders struggled with Baylor. Perhaps it was a hangover from the Oklahoma drubbing. They don’t have a shot at the Big 12 title game because Ok. St. lost tonight.
9. Boise State- LW 9- The Broncos put it on Fresno. They have been impressive in their games, but their opponents have been less than stellar. BCS bowl or Humanitarian bowl appear the likely destinations. This is their third undefeated season in the last 5 years.
10. Ohio State- LW 10- The Bucks are basking in the glory of their gold pants over a large turkey dinner. They still have a chance to get to a BCS game thanks to Oregon State’s loss. Do they get picked over an undefeated Boise? Should they?
11. Cincinnati- LW 16- The Bearcats are a solid team who finds a way to win games. They have 10 wins, a date with Hawaii and then the Orange bowl. A 12 win season is not out of the question, really impressive.
12. Ball State- LW 14- Ball State still has one more game against Buffalo. If they win that game they will 13-0. A win in their bowl game could give them a 14 wins season, I don’t care who you play that is a great year, congrats to Ball State.
13. Oregon- LW 20- The Ducks absolutely put it on a pretty good Oregon State team. They dismantled their opponents and rumbled for almost 700 yards against them. This win most likely puts them in the Holiday Bowl.
14. Georgia Tech- LW 17- A nice win against UGA. Their offense is very good with Dwyer and their other skill players. Nesbit has made a difference at QB and his footwork is outstanding. Finishing the season with 9 wins in Paul Johnson’s first year is impressive.
15. Texas Christian- LW 18- The Horned Frogs continue to climb in the rankings, and they will most likely not be rewarded by their bowl selection. Their win against BYU still looms large in many minds.
16. Oklahoma State- LW 11- They gave up a boatload of points to the Sooners…but so is everyone else playing the Sooners. Zac Robinson and their offense with Hunter and Bryant will give some DC nightmares as they watch their film preparing for their bowl game.
17. Michigan State- LW 22- The Spartans have shown that they are not the team who collapses in the second half of the season, I attribute most of that to Mark Dantonio who is a great coach. Outback bowl?
18. Brigham Young University- LW 21- The Cougars had a nice season in the MWC, but their losses against TCU and Utah most likely really hurt their bowl chances at least a good bowl game.
19. Boston College- LW 25- The Eagles have a very good defense and have a chance to prove themselves in the ACC championship game (I think…).
20. Georgia- LW 13- I am glutton for punishment with this team. They are too talented to keep losing these games right? Their defense looked uninspired and confused against the option attack of GT.
21. Missouri- LW 12- What happened against Kansas? We know it is a rivalry game and perhaps they were looking ahead to the Big 12 title game, but there is no excuse for that. They might be in a lot of trouble in the Big 12 title game. A lot.
22. Northwestern- LW 23- The Cats had a great season. Pat Fitzgerald is the youngest coach in the NCAA and he is doing a great job under tough academic standards, mostly because of the passion he has for the game.
23. Ole Miss- LW 24- Ole Miss had a great turnaround which culminated in dominating Miss St. in the Egg bowl. Houston Nutt has done an outstanding job this year, and Jevon Snead is showing why he was a highly touted recruit.
24. Iowa- LW UR- Iowa has a dynamic run game with Shonn Greene and their defense has been solid. They have 8 wins including an impressive win over Penn State.
25. Pittsburgh- LW UR- Pitt has Shady McCoy and when they use him right they are a very solid team. Their pass game leaves something to be desired though. No doubt how good Shady is though…he might be gone after this year.

Dropped out of the rankings: Oregon State (15), Florida State (19)

POW: Sam Bradford again he had an outstanding game on the big stage.

Heisman: Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow, Graham Harrell

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Rivalry week had several disappoinments. Many of the top teams did not play this week, but are gearing up for really big matchups next week and the week after that. Oklahoma destroyed TTU. Which made the later games lackluster. Penn State clinched a BCS bid (Rose). Cincinnati clinched a BCS bid (Orange?). Utah clinched a BCS bid (in all likelyhood). So as some of the picture clears up, other parts of it blur (who is at the top now?)

Here is how I have it this week:

Name: bigtenboy07

1. Alabama- LW 2- The Tide move up to the top of the poll on an off week. They still have a rivalry game against Auburn. Then against the Gators for a spot in the NC game.
2. Oklahoma- LW 6- The element that was missing for me for the Sooners showed up this week. If their defense can hold as it did against the Red Raiders then their offense will take care of the rest. A running game with Murray and a passing game with Bradford, yikes. Still a test in Stillwater, then the Big 12 Title game.
3. Florida- LW 3- The Gators took care of the Citadel. Luckily they called off the dogs to keep it to just 70 (seriously). They have a rival in Florida State, then Bama.
4. Texas- LW 4- The win against Oklahoma looks very good right now. But Oklahoma is the hotter team and probably has the inside track to the Big 12 title game at this point.
5. University of Southern California- LW 5- USC has a couple of games left with ND and UCLA. They will beat those poor saps. But will Oregon State lose in the Civil War? So USC is either Rose Bowl bound…or Fiesta bound.
6. Pennsylvania State- LW 7- The Lions put it on the Spartans. They stopped Ringer and beat them up on the line of scrimmage. Outside of the Iowa game this team has been pretty impressive (and Iowa has looked good lately).
7. Utah- LW 8- The Utes continue to do what they need to do. They win, and they beat BYU in a tough rivalry game. They put it out of reach at the end of the game, and will be headed to a BCS game. Can they climb higher in the rankings?
8. Texas Tech- LW 1- The Red Raiders looked terrible against Oklahoma. Completely outclassed. They have a couple of marquee wins to keep them high in the rankings. They appeared to quit in the game against Oklahoma which is something that really turns me off to this team.
9. Boise State- LW 9- The Broncos also handled their business. But their shots at a BCS game appear to be dwindling with Ohio State in the clubhouse and Utah ahead of them.
10. Ohio State- LW 10- They beat a hapless Michigan team. Michigan hung around for a while, but big plays turned out to be the difference for the Buckeyes.
11. Oklahoma State- LW 11- The Pokes have a big matchup with Oklahoma. Bedlam will be coming to Stillwater. Are Zac Robinson and the defense ready to compete with Oklahoma?
12. Missouri- LW 12- Their ticket is already punched for the Big 12 Title game in the North. They are waiting for those other teams to sort it out in the South.
13. Georgia- LW 13- The Dawgs still have what looks to be a very tough game against Paul Johnson and the Yellow Jackets. If they win this rivalry game (again) they will most likely be looking at a date in the Capital One Bowl.
14. Ball State- LW 16- The two teams in front of Ball State lose and their impressive win against Central Michigan leaps them up a few spots. Nate Davis is a monster, and can lead this team to an undefeated season. Their reward maybe the Motor City Bowl though (against Big Ten number 6 or whatever it is).
15. Oregon State- LW 17- The Beavs had an impressive win against a feisty Arizona team. The loss of Quiz Rodgers could prove to be big in their finally against Oregon (the Civil War). Can they steal a BCS bid? Still control their fate.
16. Cincinnati- LW 19- The Bearcats beat a solid Pittsburgh team. They let them get back in at the end of the game, but they will mature. They are going to a BCS game by virtue of their Big East title.
17. Georgia Tech- LW UR- Tech absolutely put it to the Canes. They ran all over them. Paul Johnson’s offense appears really dangerous with a few more skill players. Their defense also played very well, which was somewhat overlooked because of their almost 500 yards of rushing.
18. Texas Christian University- LW 20- The Horned Frogs are still rolling along. They have a real chance to jump up and beat someone down in a bowl game.
19. Florida State- LW- UR- The Noles are a team that is tough to figure out. Ponder is a good QB and as he develops the Noles will continue to improve. Their defense is good. The ACC is still confusing…
20. Oregon- LW 24- The Ducks are an impressive team. They don’t have any great wins to really hang their hats on but they continue to run the ball impressively against just about everyone they line up against.
21. Brigham Young University- LW 14- BYU got beat up pretty good by Utah. The rivalry game got out of hand at the end. Max Hall and company are still a solid team.
22. Michigan State- LW 15- They ran into a buzz saw. Penn State was clicking on all cylinders at home. A 9-3 season for the Spartans shows that they are improving under Dantonio. Ringer and co will provide a difficult challenge in a bowl game (Outback maybe).
23. Northwestern- LW 23- The Cats finish the season with 9 wins. This is very impressive. Pat Fitzgerald is a good young coach, and he is rebuilding this program and could win 10 games if they win their bowl game (incredible).
24. Ole Miss- LW UR- The Rebels are making a serious comeback under Nutt. Snead is a very good QB who had a great game against LSU. They are steadily improving and can hang their hat on the win against Florida especially.
25. Boston College- LW UR- BC is another good team in the ACC. They still have a shot if they continue to win. They can win out and still be in the ACC title game.

On the cusp: VT, Pitt, Iowa, Western Michigan, Miami FL, West Virginia, UNC

Dropped out of the rankings: Pitt (19), Miami (21), LSU (22), Maryland (25)

POW: Pat White, QB/RB WVU: Pat White ran for 200 yards on 21 carries. He scored 3 times on the ground. In the process he became the all-time leader rusher for a QB (4,00 yards or something ridiculous). He also completed 6 passes in 11 attempts for 122 and 2 TDs. Pretty impressive day, and career for the kid.


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Another exciting 'revenge' weekend. Some of the games were duds, but the ACC contributed a couple of pretty good ones...even if we don't really know how good those teams are. Although the games were not great some crazy good plays this week. One of the most impressive was Desmond Briscoe's catch against Texas. The 'Jumping Bean' was also pretty impressive against the Illini.

Here it is:

Name: bigtenboy07

1. Texas Tech- LW 1- The Red Raiders handled the bye week but now have to go to Norman to play the Sooners. The Sooners are 60-2 at home under Stoops…yo.
2. Alabama- LW 2- The Tide finally scored a TD against Miss. St. The Tide has a couple more ‘tests’ including Auburn before they find Florida in the SEC CG.
3. Florida- LW 3- The Gators look outstanding. Their defense is swarming, and their offense is explosive. They beat the Fighting Spurriers by 50.
4. Texas- LW 4- The Horns shut down the Kansas offense which was impressive. Colt McCoy did throw a couple of incomplete passes though. Texas needs help to get into the Big 12 Title game, they could get it with Oklahoma beating TTU.
5. University of Southern California- LW 5- The Trojan defense did not look like world beaters in the first half, but buckled down later in the game. The offense has tons of talent, but they don’t seem to know what they want to do.
6. Oklahoma- LW 6- The Sooners had the week off to prepare for the Red Raiders. That gave them plenty of time to watch film of the TTU offense…the DC still cannot sleep. It will be a fireworks show in Norman on Saturday.
7. Pennsylvania State University- LW 7- The Lions handled their business this week. They have a game Michigan State team at home to finish the season. If they can win that they will be going to the Rose Bowl.
8. Utah- LW 9- The Utes looked impressive this week. Brian Johnson is a still leading this team at QB. They have a showdown at the end of the season with BYU which is basically an elimination game for a BCS bowl.
9. Boise State- LW 8- Boise did not dismantle the Vandals as most thought they would, but those rivalry games are often closer than they should be. The Broncos are still a very solid team, and with a loss by Utah they are BCS bound, or maybe an at-large selection (need some help here).
10. Ohio State- LW 10- The Buckeyes beat Illinois on the road, the Illini have given the Buckeyes fits for years. The offense was very run based as usual, with Pryor and Wells both going over 100 yards defensive coordinators will be scratching their heads…or pulling their hair out.
11. Oklahoma State- LW 11- The Pokers take care of another opponent. The offense of this team is crazy. Dez Bryant is a beast at WR, and made an outstanding catch the other day. This team is going to give someone a lot of trouble in a non-BCS bowl.
12. Missouri- LW 12- The Tigers scored basically at will. This team has won the Big 12 North and could challenge the winner of the Big 12 South in the Big 12 Title game.
13. Georgia- LW 13- The Dawgs had a scare this week against Auburn. They needed a stop on the last play of the game to prevent the win. This team has to stop playing down to their opponents. Appear to be Capital One Bowl bound.
14. Brigham Young University- LW 14- The Cougars have a very solid offense with Max Hall at the helm. The Cougars have a date with Utah at the end of the season which could improve their bowl invitation.
15. Michigan State- LW 15- The Javor Ringer lead squad will have to play very well in Happy Valley to beat Penn State. A win in Happy Valley gives Michigan State a chance at the Capital One Bowl.
16. Ball State- LW 16- The Fighting Cardinals stay in the same spot and wait for help in order to get into a BCS game. Nate Davis continues to impress anyone who is willing to watch on Tuesday night.
17. Oregon State- LW 25- Finally totally believe in the Beavers. To go along with their talented offense they sport an improved defense. Riley is a great coach and has this team in position to go to the Rose Bowl.
18. Cincinnati- LW 19- Another win for the Bearcats. They beat one of their rivals in Louisville. Now the Bearcats have to focus on the Fighting Mark Mays (not USC)
19. Pittsburgh- LW 18- The Panthers had the week off but were no doubt preparing for their showdown with Cincinnati. A win in that game will give someone the inside track to a BCS game with the bid from the Big East.
20. Texas Christian University- LW 21- The Horned Frogs continue to move up the rankings as their defense is dominant. Watch out for this team in a non-BCS bowl, they could beat the ever impressive ‘BCS school’, maybe even handily.
21. Miami (FL)- LW UR- The Hurricanes win another game against VT. They control their destiny in the ACC, which no one can figure out.
22. Louisiana State University- LW 22- The Tigers had a scare against Troy, and made a furious comeback in the fourth quarter (30-0!). They have some fight in them, and they have too much talent to be playing like this…right?
23. Northwestern- LW UR- The Cats beat Michigan this week and move to 8-3. This team has a chance to win 9 games (this week against Illinois). What a great turnaround for Pat Fitzgerald who is young and doing well at NU.
24. Oregon- LW 24- The Ducks almost let a big lead slip away from them at home against Arizona.
25. Maryland- LW UR- The fighting Turtles had an impressive win against UNC. They are leading the Atlantic division in the ACC, and could be in the ACC CG.

On the cusp: Minnesota, BC, Georgia Tech

New Arrivals: Miami FL (21), Northwestern (23), Maryland (25)

POW: Case Keenum, QB, Houston: He had an outstanding week against Tulsa with his team hanging 70 points, which resulted in a 40 point victory. He went 24/37 for 402 yards and 6 TDs. He also rushed the ball 4 times for 43 yards, and a TD.

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Another great week in college football. The ALA-LSU game was one of my favorites to watch, love the hard hitting, and the intensity. Of course it went to OT. Texas Tech rolled again, which is very impressive. The ACC is still really tough to figure out. The Big East is still a mess with Cincinnati making a splash. The spots after 15 or so are really tough to fill out right now, might as well flip a coin. Forgot a quick shoutout to Tennessee and Illinois...nice work your giving Flame more fuel for the Non-BCS argument. Without further ado...

Name: bigtenboy07

1. Texas Tech- LW 2- The Red Raiders finally have me convinced all the way. With the way this team is playing defense now they are the top team in the country. Their offense is incredible as usual, but their improved defense and running game finally have them contending in the big time. An off week (deserved) and then a trip to Norman.
2. Alabama- LW 1- The Tide made several mistakes against a fired up LSU squad. They came away with an impressive win in Death Valley. Their ability to throw the ball to beat you is something I find suspect. Their defense is still very good. Their showdown with Florida in the SEC CG will be for a spot in the NC Game.
3. Florida- LW 4- This team is on cruise control. Timmy Tebow is back to his usual beastmode self, and is dominating again. The defense led by Spikes is improving every week. The speed this team has…is just scary.
4. Texas- LW 5- Hookem Horns continues to go through the Big 12. They got the really tough ones out of the way and have to stay focused. Unless Texas Tech loses they cannot get to the Big 12 CCG, they will be very tough in a BCS game though.
5. University of Southern California- LW 5- Cal is one of the better teams on their schedule and they won the game. I am not sure how good this team really is. They haven’t really been tested by a really good opponent yet. Still have doubts about this team.
6. Oklahoma- LW 7- The Sooners can score with the best of them…and they will have to in order to hang with TTU in a couple of weeks. Sam Bradford throws it all over the field, and their talented group of WR makes moves after the catch. The defense continues to be a slight question mark in my mind.
7. Pennsylvania State University- LW 3- The game against Iowa turned out to be a trap. Please remember the name Shonn Greene because he is a monster. Penn State did not look great, but this team is still better than the rest. If they win against Indiana (duh) and Michigan State (likely) they will go to the Rose Bowl, not a bad season for old Joe Pa (The game was mismanaged though, in the wind as well).
8. Boise State- LW 9- This team is one that I have trouble figuring out. They look very good against their competition, but their competition hasn’t been much at all. A win against Oregon is really the only hallmark on the schedule. I guess we will see after they run the WAC and play in a BCS game.
9. Utah- LW 10- A nice win over TCU this week. Brian Johnson leads the team well, and will lead them to an undefeated season (still have BYU), doubtful for an at-large bid though.
10. Ohio State- LW 12- The Bucks offense looked better this week. If Pryor keeps improving this team will not only be dangerous down the stretch…but in the foreseeable future. The defense is solid as usual.
11. Oklahoma State- LW 8- Zac Robinson is still a very good QB, but they ran into a buzz saw. Their schedule has been very tough, but they can prove a lot by winning ‘BEDLAM’.
12. Missouri- LW 13- The offense appears to be back on track. Chase Daniel leads the offense, and the defense needs to continue to improve if they want a shot at winning the Big 12 Title game against one of those monsters from the South.
13. Georgia- LW 14- UGA wins a shootout in the SEC? It was good to see Matt Stafford get back on track. UGA can still get to the Capital One Bowl (disappointment), but might meet the also disappointed Buckeyes.
14. Brigham Young University- LW 16- The Cougars continue to climb back up the rankings in part due to Max Hall’s impressive performance at QB. How good are they really? We’ll find out…
15. Michigan State- LW 17- This team is not your uncle’s Michigan State. They are not going to fold like a lawnchair down the stretch. Dantonio has them playing well and Hoyer is playing just well enough to give Ringer room to run. An improved defense gives them a chance to beat Penn State in the final week.
16. Ball State- LW 19- Flame’s boys jump up the rankings in part because this is the first full game I have seen of theirs. Nate Davis is a very good QB who is NFL caliber. Winning the MAC will not get them in a BCS bowl, but small steps and the recognition from 08 could get them into a BCS game in 09 (if Davis stays).
17. North Carolina- LW 22- This team continues to win with Sexton (backup ) at QB. Their defense is tenacious. They are a team who is coached by Butch Davis and they just find a way to win. The ACC is wide open, but they are top of the class.
18. Pittsburgh- LW 23- Pitt handled Louisville easily. This team seems to finally have found their grove. Shady McCoy is one of the best RB’s in the country. We could see them in a BCS bowl…
19. Cincinnati- LW UR- The Bearcats beat WVU in OT this week. A very nice game for them. At 7-2 they still have Pitt but then SYR and @Hawaii (nice scheduling in Dec. by the way).
20. Florida State- LW UR- Bobby got a nice birthday gift an easy win (in the former Bowden Bowl). Ponder continues to improve as do the Noles. ACC champ?
21. Texas Christian University- LW 11- A tough loss to Utah this week on Thursday night. The Horned Frogs have a great defense, and could pose a problem to a BCS conference team in a bowl game.
22. Louisiana State University- LW 16- The Tigers played very well against the Tide. They matched up well, and played well on the lines. Their running game is very good, and could frankly beat the teams ranked behind them.
23. Tulsa- LW UR- Tulsa is recovering from their loss against Arkansas and are still a one loss team. Their schedule is weak, but their offense is still pretty impressive.
24. Oregon- LW UR- The Ducks have a solid offense, but have not beaten a good team all year.
25. Oregon State- LW UR- The Quiz is a beast at RB. He has been very good for them. This team still controls their own destiny in the Pac 10. Win out…and the title is theirs.

On the cusp: A ton of teams…Minnesota, Northwestern, BC, VT, South Carolina, and a couple more.

Dropped out: Georgia Tech (18), WVU (20), Cal (21), Minnesota (24), Maryland (25)
New Arrivals:  Cincinnati (19), Florida State (20), Tulsa (23), Oregon (24), Oregon State (25)

POW: Graham Harrell, QB, Texas Tech: Hate giving it to the same guy again but cannot deny 40/50 for 456 yards, and 6 TDs (no INTS!). Oklahoma State has a good defense too. What a great player, and your Heisman leader…

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What a crazy weekend. The Texas-TTU game was outstanding, a true shootout, with even a little defense sprinkled in. Florida shows they are one of the top teams in the country, if we didn't know this already. The games get even more important now...and next week a real big one as Alabama and Nick Saban come to play AT LSU. Should be a warm homecoming...

Here it is:

Name: bigtenboy07

1. Alabama- LW 2- The Tide rolls into the top spot after an easy win over Arkansas St. Remaining games against LSU, Auburn (rivalry), and Florida (SEC CG) will prove whether Bama will be in the title game
2. Texas Tech- LW 4- I was convinced last week they were a top team, and right now the way their lines are playing they are going to be very tough to beat. Will really know a lot more with dates with Ok. St. and Ok. left on the schedule
3. Penn State- LW 3- They stay in the same spot during the bye. The teams in front of them have a chance to lose, and they need to stay focused against Iowa and Michigan State.
4. Florida- LW 6- Whoa Gators. This team is clicking right now. Their offense is outstanding Demps and Rainey are a whole new dimension. The defense has been playing very well. This team will give Bama a test in the SEC CG, and possibly a ticket to the NC? Who wants to play them now? Not me…
5. Texas- LW 1- The Horns don’t fall too far for losing on the road to a top 5 team. They showed some weaknesses, but they came back valiantly. The question is…why try to cover Crabtree 1 on 1 in the final moments?
6. University of Southern California- LW 5- They fall…only because of them teams in front of them. They are very talented but their lack of a strong schedule will hurt them, especially in the ever present computers.
7. Oklahoma- LW 8- The offense is outstanding. Sam Bradford is a monster, and their receivers are very good. The defense…still leaves me with questions.
8. Oklahoma State- LW 9- Zac Robinson is the best QB most of us don’t think about. Oh and he throws to the best WR we don’t think about in Dez Bryant. Watch out…they invade Lubbock next.
9.  Boise State- LW 11- Boise rolled again this week. This team can compete in a BCS game, and they might get a shot this year. Ian Johnson is still there…seems like he has been there forever.
10. Utah- LW 10- They remain in their spot after a tough game against New Mexico. They are talented, and have a chance for another spotlight game this year.
11. Texas Christian University- LW 12- They move up…as others continue to move down. Their defense is ferocious.
12. Ohio State- LW 13- The Bucks move up after they easily take care of BYE. Their remaining schedule isn’t too easy but they go and visit Northwestern where Kafka was a huge surprise this week. No Sutton though…
13. Missouri- LW 14- The Tigers have a good offense, but their defense continues to be a cause for concern. They struggled to slow down Baylor and their great QB in Griffith (he is really good).
14. Georgia- LW 7- They got dominated by the Gators, but I am not sure a lot of teams wouldn’t have done the same with the intensity of the Gators and their great skill. This team still has the tools to compete against good teams…they just need to show up. They appear headed for the Capital One Bowl…
15. Louisiana State University- LW 18- They dropped after a poor performance against UGA, but with all others in front of them losing, and their upcoming date with Bama…they could be on the rise again.
16. Brigham Young University- LW 19- The Cougars got by the Colorado State Rams. They can pass it with Max Hall but their defense gave up a bundle of points.
17. Michigan State- LW 20- This is not the same old Michigan State. They came back and defeated Wisconsin mostly with heart. Ringer was slowed…and Hoyer won the game. This makes them more impressive to me.
18. Georgia Tech- LW UR- They run the ball as good as just about anyone. Their defense is impressive and the win against Florida State was impressive. They are the leader in the ACC.
19. Ball State- LW 21- Nate Davis is a great QB who can lead Ball State to an undefeated season. They will still most likely get to the Motor City Bowl to play a Big Ten team.
20. West Virginia- LW 24- An impressive win on the road against UCONN gets them up a few spots. Pat White is back and healthy, and they can win the Big East…and get to a BCS bowl game.
21. California- LW UR- The Bears have a nice win over Oregon in some nasty conditions. They have a tough test against USC… The Pac 10 is really down though…
22. North Carolina- LW 22- The Heels stay in this spot, with the opportunity to continue rising as the rest of the ACC is all about the same spot…
23. Pittsburgh- LW UR- A pretty impressive win over Notre Dame. It took 4 OT’s but Shady McCoy is a beast at RB, and they have a chance in the Big East still getting to play WVU.
24. Minnesota- LW 15- A heartbreaking loss on the final play will be tough for Brewster’s team to take. They have 2 losses and can go 10-2, a hell of a story and still a coach of the year candidate.
25. Maryland- LW 25- This team has a very tough schedule remaining. They will be tested against VT, UNC, FSU, and BC. This team who has been very inconsistent will need to play consistently to get into the ACC title game. They are in the drivers seat in the ACC…with a loss against Middle Tenn. State.

Dropped out: Florida State (16), Tulsa (17), Oregon (23)

New arrivals: Georgia Tech (18), California (21), Pittsburgh (23)

POW: Graham Harrell, QB, Texas Tech: Harrell lead his team to a bundle of yards (474 to be exact). He completed a high number of passes against the number 1 team in the country at home. He threw a couple of TD’s including the biggest one of the week to Michael Crabtree as the clock ticked down to 1.

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Wow folks..what a weekend. Texas proves yet again they are top dog, and Penn State passed a tough test. Bama rolled again. The top three remains the same. However other things were cleared up this weekend in the top 10. Beyond about 15 the teams are really up for grabs, really tough to rank this week in my opinion.

Here it is folks:

Name: bigtenboy07

1. Texas- LW 1- The Horns win another one… Oklahoma State took them to the brink, but the way McCoy is finding Shipley is just sick. A great offense and holding Oklahoma State to 24 points is pretty impressive.
2. Alabama- LW 2- This may have been the best start to finish game this team has played. No let up in the second half. They ran the ball, and didn’t do anything ‘spectacular’ but got the win. Does anyone play more combo coverages more effective than the Tide?
3. Penn State- LW 3- The Bucks played well defensively, but it was the turnover that got Penn State the victory. Clark will have to play better to move the ball more effectively. The Lions still had 160 yards on the ground…pretty impressive. The Shoe was a tough place to play tonight…and the Lions has 0 penalties.
4. Texas Tech- LW 7- Fine… I am buying this team. Their offense is very good, but their defense held Kansas to 21 points. If they get stops with any regularity, they will be very tough to beat. They have Texas next week (at home).
5. University of Southern California- LW 5- The Trojans went and beat Arizona. Another win for this squad, and their remaining schedule is pretty easy. This team is loaded with talent…if others falter watch for them to slip into the Title game (the computers still hate them).
6. Florida- LW 6- The Gators dominated the Cats. Their special teams is truly special. Meyer makes it an honor to be on these units, and they provided a spark, actually several. The offense is still very good and getting better with Rainey and Demps. Watch out for this squad (the WLOCP is next).
7. Georgia- LW 9- The Dawgs offense looked very good. Moreno and the patch work O-Line did very well running the ball and Stafford’s big arm with the great wideouts Massaqoui and Green make this team nasty. Their defense is fast…and can force mistakes.
8. Oklahoma- LW 4- I cannot continue to rank a team that plays putrid defense in the top 5. I thought it may have just been a fluke…but not anymore, you are what you are. Freeman unloaded on the Sooners D.
9. Oklahoma State- LW 8- Perhaps we learned more about this team from this weeks loss than any of their previous wins. The Pokes went and played a very good Texas team and took them down to the wire. Their defense showed up by giving up just 28 points to a red hot Texas offense. This is a very good squad.
10. Utah- LW 12- Johnson and co. continue to play well on offense. Utah got the bye week, but tests with TCU and BYU await them.
11. Boise State- LW 13- Boise State continues to beat who is put in front of them. This team is disciplined and their test with Fresno State is the only one left on their schedule. Watch for them…and Utah to bust the BCS party.
12. Texas Christian University- LW 15- The Horned Frogs just continue to pound their opponents. They have few remaining tests on their schedule. They probably will not get a BCS invite though.
13. Ohio State- LW 9- Many might have them lower, but their defensive performance was very good on Saturday night. The offense needs to continue to improve. Pryor is a dynamic player, who is a great leader, a little O-line blocking would help (the run game too…).
14. Missouri- LW 23- The Tigers can score it…they are still leading the Big 12 North and will most likely get to the title game. Daniel and Maclin are outstanding, but the defense needs to show up (they did against Colorado).
15. Minnesota- LW 16- The Gophers win another…they got to 7-1. They have not beaten a bundle of stellar opponents, but this team could end up 11-1. They avoid Penn State and Michigan State this year in the Big Ten. Weber and co. have improved so much from last year. Tim Brewster for Coach of the Year?
16. Florida State- LW 22- Finally a favorite emerges in the ACC. Ponder is a good QB, who can move around a little bit. As he improves and their rush game plays well and the defense is fast. This team may go through with just one loss…but like most ACC teams they are a Jackyl and Hyde act.
17. Tulsa- LW 19- This team can score…a lot. They seem to run up the score on their pitiful opponents. They are undefeated…but they will not have a chance to really ‘prove’ anything in a bowl game this year because of the number of non BCS teams in front of them.
18. Louisiana State University- LW 13- I cannot believe how this defense is getting gashed. Florida and Georgia have good offenses, but did not even slow them down at times. LSU is very talented and can run the football improved decisions at the QB spot would go a long way for this team. Their remaining schedule is easy, with the exception of hosting Bama (they have 4 home games left).
19. Brigham Young University- LW UR- The Cougars need to prove a lot more to me… Their offense is good, but their defense has struggled of late. At least one more chance for them to make a mark on the national stage.
20. Michigan State- LW UR- The Spartans are a good football team, and their bounce back against Michigan shows it. Previous Michigan State teams have folded in the second half, and this team could have after getting smashed by Ohio State. They hung in, and this team can win 9 games, with their lone remaining loss being Penn State.
21. Ball State- LW 24- Nate Davis is a good QB who can lead the Cardinals to an undefeated season. The problem is their schedule. It doesn’t impress anyone in terms of OOC and this will not garner respect from pollsters.
22. North Carolina- LW UR- the Tar Heels bounced back, and beat a pretty good Boston College team. This team can still compete in the ACC and their defense has been solid and opportunistic.
23.  Oregon- LW UR- The Ducks continue to find a way to get it done, especially with their make shift QB situation. They have played well, and have been taking care of business in the Pac 10.
24. West Virginia- LW UR- This team is leading the Big East, and this is the first Big East team on the ballot. They are still explosive with Pat White and Noel Devine. They have a tough finishing stretch with UCONN, Cincy, South Florida, and Pitt. They control their destiny in the Big East…and can still get the auto-bid for a BCS game, wow.
25. Maryland- LW UR- This team is one of the ultimate Jackyl and Hyde’s. They lost to Middle Tennessee State, but have shown up in several big games. The Fridge has this team going…watch out ACC.

On the Cusp: South Florida, Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech, and Connecticut

Dropped out: South Florida (14), Georgia Tech (17), Boston College (18), Northwestern (20), Pittsburgh (21), Cincinnati (25)

POW: Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia- Knowshon did very well on the road against LSU. He ran for 163 yards and a score. His work on the ground kept things open for Stafford and co. The impressive victory gets the Dawgs ready for the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party (oh wait…can’t say that anymore, hate that PC crap).

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